Dog Grooming Done with Style


Taking your dog for a walk to the city?  A really awesome doggy style is what you need to turn your pet into a head turner. Dog grooming is something that you should take seriously if you want your dog to show off those locks.

A stylish dog

When you adopted your pet, you took a vow of taking good care of her.  It is time now to keep your word and not only feed her and pamper her.  Give her a cool doggy style.  Make her stand in lavishness and beauty.

Besides putting your dog in fashionable clothes, dog grooming done right will up your pet’s doggy style.

Dog grooming done well

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty now.  This is the best way to groom your dog for the fiesta!

  • Find a quiet place where you and your pet can sit peacefully.  Any sudden noise might startle her.
  • You must know your dog´s coat in order to decide the best style.
  • The clippers must be sharp and not too noisy.
  • Bathe and comb your dog before getting started.  This will get rid of any tangles and hair clumps.
  • Start slow and in the right direction.
  • Do not pull your dog´s hair or it will be the end of the session.
  • Add accessories such as ponytails or ribbons.  Just make sure they are not tight

The doggy style your pet deserves

It is true that when it comes to dog grooming, creativity has its space.  However, make sure you know what your dog breed should look like.  Besides this, consider that hair in dogs serves the purpose of keeping the dog warm.  So, grooming out all the hair of a Terrier living in cold areas might not be a good idea, for instance.  Plus, it might not look too stylish.

If you want to know what the best grooming for your dog is, visit us at Dogalize and be a part of an amazing community of dog lovers.