Dog-news:  guy tattoos his dog on the face


Dog-news:  guy tattoos his dog on the face | Dogalize


We post here an incredible dog-news that shocked all social networks:  this “professional tattoo artist” from the city of Brazil tattooed his dog on the face.
The man lives in Brazil and thought it was a good idea to make a tattoo on his Bull White Terrier dog face and to upload the images on the Internet.
Criticism of defenders and animal lovers soon arrived.
The “professional tattoo artist” said that he decided to tattoo his dog in the face because he had a delicate skin problem.
According to him, making five tattoos on the muzzle, inside the ears and under the eyes of his dog could help cancer.
According to the artist a little bit of ink could protect the skin of his pet from the sun’s rays.
He also ensures that he consulted with a veterinarian!
The social networks were not sweet with him as he might thought, and he was denounced for animal abuse.
What do you think about this “artist” ?
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