Dog-News:Maggie, the oldest dog in the world


Dog-News:Maggie, the oldest dog in the world | Dogalize

We post here a dog-news that moved all social networks: Maggie, a Kelpie dog, lived with her owner on a farm in Australia, where he is specialized in producing milk.

Maggie race is specifically sheep shepherd, and for years she was responsible for caring for and gather other animals to their houses.

It was in her own home when she fell asleep forever.

The owner says that until two days before the event, Maggie had been behaving normally, “she was fine last week, she went from the dairy to the office, barking at the cats and that sort of things”

His master has no record of the year when Maggie was born. Only memories indicate that the animal had three decades of life, because he acquired the dog when his son was 4 years and today, he is a man of 34.

The lack of a paper to certify her age deprived Maggie of being part of the Guinness Book of Records, but not of global recognition of its longevity.

Maggie, the oldest dog in the world, died at age 30, which would mean about 210 human years.

Source: telecinco