Dog Park Regulations


Dog Park Regulations | Dogalize

To maintain a safe environment for dogs of all breeds, temperaments, and sizes, it is necessary that dog parks have some guidelines.

Regulations change from State to State. So, every time you go to a dog park, make sure to check out the rules, which are typically posted at the entrance to the dog area.

Here’s an example of typical dog park regulations:

– Keep dogs on leashes at all times except in designated “off-leash” areas.

– “Off-leash” dogs must be under voice control by their owners at all times. If voice control is not possible, do not enter “off-leash” areas.

– Dog owners must remain in the park and keep their dog in view at all times. No dog may be unattended.

– All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations prior to entering the dog park.

– No infants or small children are permitted in the dog park. Small children, especially running children, may be regarded as prey animals by strange dogs.

– Owners are responsible for the behavior of their animals.

– Any dogs showing signs of aggression should be removed from the premises. Aggressive dogs tend to engage in fighting behavior.

– Female dogs in heat are not permitted in the dog park.

– Do not bring human or dog food inside the park. Small dog treats may be permitted.

– Do not give treats to any dog without the owner’s permission.

– Do not bring any dog toys inside the park. Dogs may claim toys that do not belong to them, which may lead to aggressive behavior. Small toys may be a choking hazard to some dogs, especially larger dogs.

– Owners help keep the dog park clean and well maintained by picking up after their pets and filinl in any holes made by their pets.

– Do not brush or otherwise groom pets inside the park. Pet grooming often produces loose hair which can soil the dog park.

– Training may not be permitted in some dog parks. In those that do permit training, only licensed and insured dog trainers will be permitted to do training.

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