Dogs and cats can travel by metro in Buenos Aires


Dogs and cats can travel in the subway of Buenos Aires!

From November 17, dogs, cats and other animals will be able to travel in the subway of Buenos Aires without any additional costs.

Great news for all animal lovers!! Since last weekend, the inhabitants of Buenos Aires will be able to travel by Subway with their pets.

Buenos Aires legislation approved the rule authorizing passengers to travel with animals with 56 votes in favor and four abstentions.

The new law states that dogs and cats and any pet can travel, without additional cost, in the subway of Buenos Aires on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

According to the legislators from the capital, the new initiative aims to “improve cohabitation between neighbors and domestic dogs and cats, always attending to responsible tenure”

According to the new law, each adult will be able to transport only one pet at a time and for the transfer of animals, owners must keep them on a leash, collar, muzzle or in cages.

To see how this new initiative is going, a test phase will be carried out to analyze the behavior of dog and cat owners in order to evaluate the integration of the transport of pets in the “subte” (name of the subway in Buenos Aires)

Local media detailed that Buenos Aires is one of the cities with the highest number of pets in the capital; It is estimated that there are about 430 thousand dogs and 250 thousand cats in Buenos Aires.

Now Buenos Aires is without a doubt a more pet-friendly and modern city! Very good!

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