Why do the dogs eat grass? Discover it!


Why do dogs eat grass? Find out what some scientists are saying about your pet!

Have you ever wondered why dogs eat herb?

A study from the University of New England revealed the reason for this action!

The theory says that dogs eat grass as a remedy when they feel an upset stomach, to induce vomiting.

Scientific students at the University of New England claim that one of the reasons for this action is the feeling of satiety at certain times of the day. It could be that dogs see the lawn as a food. This can increase the chances that your dog will ingest this type of grass when he is hungry.

No theory has been 100% tested, though.

There are also other scientific theories about our pet that want to explain why dogs eat grass.

One is the camouflage theory, which exposes that they eat and even wallow in the grass to fix the aroma and hide from their predators and prey, this theory could reinforce the behavior of wallowing in the grass and in odorous things too.

Another theory indicates that possibly they eat grass because they know that fiber and, especially, the composition of the grass, will detach the parasites from their gastrointestinal system. However, there is a high risk that other parasites will be swallowed in the grass.

It is also possible that your pet eats grass only because he likes it! It is possible that the smell and taste of the grass is pleasant and that is why your pet will eat it. It is even believed to be a taste that comes from its predator heritage of animals that consume grass.

It is normal for a pet to eat herb from time to time, but if we notice a significant increase in the frequency with which they do, we should consult with the veterinarian to rule out stomach problems, to propose a diet change that provides better nutrition and Incorporate some cooked vegetables into his diet.

And do your pet eat herb?

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