The health benefits of playing with your dog

The health benefits of playing with your dog

Health benefits of playing with your dog

Playing with your dog is vital for the dog’s proper development. It helps eliminate stress from your dog and yourself at the same time. This will benefit your pet and ultimately benefit you.

Benefits of play and fun for your dog

Let´s bring it down to what are the benefits of playing with your dog:

  • Mental benefits: in order to help your friend develop a keen mind, play with him by forcing him to use his brain.
  • Physical benefits: constant motion keeps his heart healthy, lubricated joints, and a good balance and coordination.
  • Human-pet bond: playing with your dog strengthens the bond of friendship between you and him. You are guaranteeing more wiggly tails when you get home.
  • Your benefit: as we mentioned before, playtime will also help you steam off a stressed, worked day.

Benefits for small kids

Not surprisingly, this awesome playtime has enormous benefits for the little ones as well.

  • Helps children cope with anxiety when parents are not around.
  • It helps children develop positively.
  • Kids who play with their pets are better at building social relationships.
  • With proper training, a dog or a puppy can  help a kid who is hyperactive or aggressive.

How to play

It is important that you establish who is the boss. You set the rules, the time, and the games to be played.  This helps establish who the leader of the pack is. If your dog is getting out of control, for instance, you stop the game and wait for him to calm down.

Don´t forget to add rewards. This is a good way of training your dog, especially if you are playing a new game. Rewards can be a delicious treat, his favorite toy, or lots of hugs.

So go out and have fun with your friend and build up a good health and a strong bond.

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