Taking him for a Walk: How to do it Properly


Most dog breeds are developed to remain active and require a dog walk.  Most likely, the one you have at home is not the exception.  Therefore, you must know what the correct way to walk your dog is.

Now, you have a large backyard?  It is still not large enough to keep your pet from getting bored.  Dogs also need visual stimulation and variety in scenery.

Remember the last time you took your dog for a walk?  Was he overly excited when he heard the leash rattle?  This is a sign that you probably need to take him out more.

Types of dog walk

Yes, there actually are several ways of taking your dog for a walk.  Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Training walks are a great way to keep your dog sharp and focused.  Besides this, it strengthens the bond between you and your pet.  In this one, you practice skills such as commands, learning basic, leash manners, or anything you think works for his pet education.
  • Potty walks, to relieve himself, are rather short and a good exercise as well.
  • Stimulating walks are those where your dog is allowed to explore the world around him.  Allow him to sniff around and investigate.  It is good for their mental health.  You can also engage in dog play activities while at it.
  • Walks for exercising are very important, regardless of his breed.  It helps develop a healthy heart and a good balance and coordination.

Hitting the road

The best time to start a dog walk habit is when your pet is a puppy.  However, ask your veterinarian first as he might not recommend you taking your pet outside before he turns 1 year old.  This is usually the time after which his immune system is strong enough to resist external pathogens.

First, get your dog used to a collar.  Do not try to force it if he protests about it.  The same goes for harnesses or head halters.

Once your pet is used to using the collar and rope, you are now set for a nice dog walk with your friend.

If you need more tips on how to best take your dog for a nice walk, please follow us at Dogalize.  Don´t forget to use our map to locate the veterinarian closest to you.