Abandoned dog in rescue shelter ignored by her owners

Abandoned dog in rescue shelter ignored by her owners

Family ignores his own abandoned dog in rescue shelter

A heartbreaking piece of news has shocked a community in California; an abandoned dog in a rescue shelter had to watch her family passing by when they tried to adopt a new dog. On a facebook video you can see how they pet the dog and then just passed by to see other pets of the centre.

Zuzu a 2-year-old female German shepherd was abandoned at the Downey Animal Care Center in California, apparently because her owners could not look after her. It’s rare to abandone this type of dog breed, since it is great for families.

A few weeks later, when Zuzu the dog was started to settle in at the shelter, her previous owners showed up at the rescue shelter again. Zuzu was so happy to see her family and started to wag her tail, bark and walk by the fence to greet her owners probably thinking that she was going back home.

However, the family just ignored Zuzu and continued her way searching for a new pet to adopt. The staff at Downey Animal Care Center was desolated, since Zuzu is a beautiful and loving dog and soon she’ll be rescued by another family.

The whole scene was recorded on a video and shared on a social network for pets. This is to make people aware of the impact of abandoning a dog, and how important is to think carefully before adopting a new pet.

Fortunately, many shelters and rescue groups work hard to make good matches between people and dogs.

Dog rescue groups and experts offered good advice, and if you are thinking of adopting a new pet take note of those quick tips to choose the right dog when you meet him at the shelter:

  • how he responds to being touched, in both pleasant and mildly unpleasant ways
  • how excitable or aggressive dog is, and how quickly he calms down
  • how rough or gentle he is in play
  • his reactions to other dogs
  • how he reacts if approached or handled when he’s in possession of food or an edible chew
  • how he responds to the sudden appearance of a stranger

It is not clear if the family were able to adopt a new dog or not, but luckily Zuzu has now been given to a rescue group that is determined to finding her a new loving home, because she deserves much better!

If you are looking for a local organizations and shelters, please do visit Dogalize maps.