Advantages of owning big dogs

Advantages of owning big dogs

Advantages of owning big dogs

Some people prefer small dogs, others prefer them taller than themselves…or at least close to that.  Today we will be going over the benefits of owning big dogs.  Either it is a hound, a big dane, or a mastiff, big dogs might look intimidating but most of them are incredibly sweet.

Or, wouldn’t you love to cuddle with a Saint Bernard or a Bernese on your couch?  Or enjoy playing catch with a Goldendoodle?

Why people love big dogs?

The reasons are simple.  Big dogs are elegant. They portray poise and strength.  If you want a dog to keep unwanted visitor away (humans included), a large dog is the way to go.

There are dog breeds for you to choose from.  They vary in size and type.  One thing they have in common is that they are mostly very playful when outdoors.  They usually prefer to stay calm when indoors.

Should you get one?

If you live in a suburban area or the country, you should get one.  What if I live in an apartment, you ask?  You could have one but you have to be very diligent about dog walking. They will save energy inside the house but then burst with power once you take them outside. These dog breeds are usually pretty active, so it’s easy to control dog obesity on them.

Do you want a guarding dog in your backyard?  Get one.  Are you committed to maintaining the dog, knowing that it will require more food, more space, and more time bathing and grooming than smaller breeds?  Then it is a go for you.


There are many pros to owning a big dog.  Ther are nice with children and very playful and great to pet. Their temper is even and they are very protective of their families.

Many of these dogs are easy to train.  They actually enjoy learning and being trained.

If you want to learn more about big dogs breeds, follow us at Dogalize.  A great community of dog lovers will help you take proper care of your large pet.