The best car for dogs to travel

The best car for dogs to travel

Awesome journeys with the best car for dogs to travel

Looking for the best car for dogs?  Taking the family for a nice trip to the beach or to the park must include your pet.  He is a member of the family too, so this only makes sense.  Not all vehicles are designed to carry a dog, though.  Therefore, you should consider your friend when getting a ride for the family.

Characteristics of the best car for dogs

The first thing to think of is safety.  Since there are many millions of families owning a pet, it makes sense that car manufacturers are catering our good friend.  Car designers attempt to help dogs travel safe and comfortable.  The following are some designs that characterize the best car for dogs:

  • Fold-down cargo areas which can be hosed down pretty easily.
  • Ample space to have your dog sit comfortably.
  • Cargo dividers to keep your pet safe.
  • If the pet is traveling in the cargo area, its own climate control to ensure he does not get too cold or too hot.
  • A good suspension to avoid the dog getting hurt on bumpy roads.
  • Special glass to reduce the effects of sun radiation.
  • Water-resistant surfaces for the times in which your dog gets wet or muddy at the park.
  • Airbags and side impact door beams.

Taking your friend for a trip

You might not find all the above features combined in one car.  But then the choice comes down to your conditions.  For instance, if you usually take your pet for long trips, ample space and controlled environment might be your priority.

One very important aspect to consider when taking your dog on your ride is their size.  Make sure you are able to make enough space for them to travel nicely.

Coolest cars for dogs

All the above descriptions rule out compact cars.  Some of the most stylish car models considered the best for dogs include:

  • Subaru Outback
  • Volvo V90
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport
  • Range Rover
  • Honda Civic Tourer

Want to know more about how to make your dog stay safe and comfortable when taking road trips?  Visit Dogalize and connect with us.