The best food to minimize dog shedding

The best food to minimize dog shedding

Discover best food to minimize dog shedding

At some point, all dogs will shed. This will depend on the breed, time, and season.  If a dog is shedding more than the usual, it could be an indication of an undiagnosed health issue.  You will not eliminate it  but you can minimize dog shedding through nutrition.

Why dogs shed?

You need to know that shedding is a natural process.  This is the way the dog´s body gets rid of old hair.  We humans also shed to replace damaged hair with new one.  When we say that the amount of hair a dog sheds also depends mainly on the breed and the season, we mean that some dogs develop thick hair during winter and shed it during spring.

If you have a big dog that is heavy shedder keep in mind that they do so at a slow rate.  Groom your dog to avoid matting. Always check with a veterinarian if you feel that your dog´s shed is more than normal.

Tips to minimize dog shedding

With proper healthy dog food, you can minimize dog shedding.  The following tips will help you with this:

  • Provide a diet that contains enough meat.  Cheap dog food is not good at this since it usually contains fillers like corns and grains.  These are actually difficult for your dog’s digestion and may cause hiccups.  Meats are more easily digested by your dog and provide a healthier skin.
  • Add olive oil to your dog´s food.  This has been proven to provide dogs with a silkier hair.  Olive oil and flaxseed oil contain omega-3, which decreases dandruff, helps heal any wounds and improves coat texture. Add 1 tsp over the food per every 5 kg of dog weight.
  • Provide your dog with clean and fresh water.  If your dog dehydrates, his skin will suffer and will shed more and can be a sign of other diseases like diabetes.
  • Give you him some dog snacks, for instance beer for dogs is the lattest!  Check out which are the foods for humans that you can safely give to your dog.  They contain essential nutrients to help your dog’s skin stay healthy.
  • Groom and pet your dog regularly.  This helps remove fur in excess and loose.  Besides, it helps distribute the dog´s skin oil into the hair.

To learn how to better deal with excess dog shed, and other helpful dog tips follow us at Dogalize. There is a community of dog lovers waiting to provide you with sound advice and tips.