Dog diseases: symptoms and common diseases

Dog diseases: symptoms and common diseases

Dog diseases and symptoms

Just like humans have organs and systems that are attacked by unwanted invaders, dog diseases are a common occurrence in our pets.   Some diseases are exclusive of dogs but there are others that are also found in other species, including humans.

Causes of disease

Some dog diseases are very common and pose no serious threat. On the other hand, there are some maladies that are an imminent threat to the dog’s life, or have to be treated with special drugs like rapamycin for dogs. Since dogs are exposed to the environment, they are prone to catching vectors (fleas and ticks).  These transmited diseases to the dog.  Other times there are environmental factors that can be affecting the dog.

Eating an object that is not digestible is a trigger for an intestinal disease or stomach bloat. Taking care of your dog’s weight and avoid dog obesity is crucial for your pet’s health.  The same goes with feeding your dog food that is not appropriate for him.

Signs of dog disease

As a responsible owner, you should take your pet for periodic veterinary visits and stay up with his vaccination schedule.  This will help you keep your dog healthy and it also helps to detect any threat in time.

If you see the following signs in your dog, you should gird up, start the car, and take him to the vet:

  • Excessive drooling.
  • Hard breathing
  • Difficulty in walking or climbing stairs.
  • Stiffness.
  • Lack of interest in activities they used to enjoy.
  • Sneezing, coughing, fever or excessive panting.
  • Constant shaking of the head.
  • Skin rash, sores, or lumps.
  • Constant vomiting and weird bowel movements.
  • Dry, red, or irritated eye.
  • Sleeping more than normal.
  • Appetite change and loss of weight.

List of most common dog diseases

The following is a list of the most common dog diseases, classified by its causes.

– Skin allergies
– Cancer
– Diabetes
– Otitis
– Colds
– Gastric torsion

Parasitic diseases

Parasitic diseases are caused by fleas, ticks and other parasites, that can be very harmful to your pet’s health. It is very important to remember that any parasitic infection can be controlled and treated by the veterinarian through parasite prevention treatments for the majority of parasitic diseases, for instance:

Parasistic diseases disease caused by external parasites

– Scabies
– Ticks
– Filariasis
– Leishmaniasis
– Stable fly
– Fleas
– Toxoplasmosis

Parasistic diseases disease caused by endoparasites

– Taenia
– Worms

Viral diseases

These type of diseases are caused by different viruses, such as:

– Coronavirus
– Canine Distemper
– Hepatitis
– Parvovirus
– Rabies

Bacterial diseases

Bacterial diseases are those caused by bacteria, for example:

– Cistitis
– Leptospirosis
– Periodontitis
– Pyometra

Genetic diseases

Genetic diseases are developed through the genetic code of the dog breed, so each breed is associated to different genetic diseases, for instance:

– Arthritis
– Dysplasia of the hip
– Glaucoma
– Reumatis

Mental diseases

In general terms mental diseases are less common, although it is also important to know about their existence:

– Dementia
– Acral lick dermatitis
– Epilepsy
– Meningitis

If you suspect that your pet is suffering any of the above dog diseases, contact a veterinarian immediately.  You can check out our directory to find the veterinarian closest to you.

Remember, keep your dog always fit and healthy.  In Dogalize we believe that every pet is important and must be taken care of as such.  Stay in touch across our social media platforms to learn more.