Dog news: the final goodbye to her dying owner

Dog news: the final goodbye to her dying owner

Dog gets to give final Goodbye to her Dying Owner

There is no doubt that any dog develops a deep bond with their owners.  Having to say a final goodbye is only as hard for both the owner and the dog.  This dog story takes us to Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville, California, was very kind to allow a dog called Mollie kiss her owner, Ryan Jessen, goodbye on November 30.

Jensen died that same day from a ventricular brain hemorrhage.  He was only 33.  Ryan’s sister, Michelle, videotaped the moment and shared it on her Facebook, and other social network for pets.

“Just realizing that my brother is not going to wake up, it was obviously upsetting,” Jessen said in an interview. “We wanted the dog to have a final goodbye. We wanted to make sure she understood.”  So, this was a way to let Mollie know why her owner was not coming back home.

Millions have watched the video and have shown the family their support and got moved by the dog feelings.  “For us this would’ve been devastating if we didn’t cling to our faith,” Jessen said. “People have just shown overwhelming support, and it’s been very meaningful to us.”

Ryan’s organs will be donated. His heart will be transplanted to a 17-year-old boy from California.  Jessen is hoping that this will raise awareness of organ donation.

As with Mollie is a nice  big dog, she will be living with Ryan´s parents in Sutter.  “She will continue to love Ryan vicariously through our family,” Jessen said. So the family will look after Mollie and provide her with love and dog care.

“People are very worried about the dog, and we couldn’t fathom not having her.”

Giving a final goodbye is never easy and we have no doubt that it was not for Mollie.  Fortunately, she will continue to have a happy life with her owner’s relatives.  We can only wish Mollie a happy life among those who love her.

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