Rescued dogs became Service dogs

Dog News: Rescued dogs became Service dogs

Rescued Dogs are trained into Service Dogs to Assist Disabled Vets

Service dogs are very popular in the country, especially among disable veterans.  Approximately one-quarter of the 19,000 American military veterans suffer a disability.  The Freedom Service Dogs Program is saving the lives of recovered dogs to train them to help others.

The non-profit organization takes rescued dogs from all over the country and custom trains them.  In this way, dogs are trained specifically for the need of the veteran.

The group will be meeting with local veterans and animal rescue groups to explain what their program is about. The gathering will take place in the Basin this week.  The venue for the meet and greet is the Senior Link Midland at the Midland Vet Center on Tuesday, Dec. 13 from 4-6 pm.

The idea is to learn about the resources of the group with the veterans and any other person who needs help with daily tasks.  LeAnne Thornton,  Midland Vet Center outreach coordinator said, “People can learn about getting a service dog. They’re free to recipients. They’re looking for veterans that qualify for service dogs.”

Erin Conley, marketing and public relations director for the Freedom Service Dogs Program said that they usually work alongside veterans organizations.  Conley says that young and senior dogs are trained to help with specific daily simple tasks veterans can no longer perform.

“For veterans with PTSD, they’re trained to go into the house to clear the rooms,” Conley said. “They can turn on every light. A veteran may not want to go into a house if they feel someone is in the house. They can also wake a person up from nightmares. They also calm when the person is feeling anxious.”

According to Thornton, the event will help raise awareness on the need of trained service dogs from rescue shelter for veterans.  “There’s so many people that think, ‘Oh, I can buy a vest and put it on my dog and make it a service dog,’ But it’s not how that works,” Thornton said.

This amazing program is changing the lives of many veterans.  These dogs are heavily trained to perform specific tasks.  Now, you can be a trainer for your dog as well.  Follow Dogalize for free tips on how to best train your dog.