Dog news: Tiny dog hearts big dog

Dog news: Tiny dog hearts big dog

The cutest interaction between tiny dog and big dog

The MuttShack Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization for rescued dogs and places them for adoption.  They also have a foster parents program.  Through their social media, they shared this nice video of a tiny dog playing with a big dog.  What you get to see is simply adorable.

The video was posted two years ago on YouTube by MuttShack.  It has however gained attention recently and increased its views and interest in social network for pets.  We love to see when dogs are interacting, over a toy or even over food.  But this one will definitively make your heart melt a little bit.

The shelter has all types of dog breeds.  One of such small dogs escaped his kennel and went straight to where the Great Danes were.  He went straight to Sasha, one of the Great Danes that was outside for a walk.

You could see how brave this tiny dog was at the presence of this big dog!

When you see the difference in size, you might think that Sasha could easily squash him in a heartbeat. However, out of the massive dogs there, Sasha seemed to be the most interested in this tiny creature.  She followed him all around sniffing him around.  The tiny puppy would even stand on his hind legs to give Sasha some kisses.  She bows down to do the same with the tiny one.

It is always adorable to see animals interacting this way.  In this case, the difference in size between the big dog and the tiny dog is pretty ludic.

The MuttShack Animal Rescue has a lot of options for adoption of dogs.  They even have open spaces in case you want to volunteer.  They also seek for families that will generously foster home some dogs while they find a permanent one.

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