Dog news: Two dogs shot in Ohio

Dog news: Two dogs shot in Ohio

Two dogs shot in Ohio; Hunter faces felony charges

A hunter in Ohio might be facing charges due to allegedly shooting two dogs while hunting.  Michael Chedester, which has been characterized as showing no repentance, is awaiting trial for the two dogs shot, while dog walking with their owner.  He could be facing one year in prison and a fine of $10,000, $5,000 per dog.

Pete Byers was getting ready to take his two big dogs, 5-year-old Emmy and 6-year-old Bella for a trip to Pittsburgh.  When he went to look for them, Pete noticed that they were nowhere to be found.  “I turned around to lock that gate. I turned around my dogs were gone,” he told Kate Davison from WTOV9’s. “And it’s the opening day of gun season so I’m like dying inside. I’m scared to death.”

Chedester claimed that he probably confused the dogs with deer, as the dog breed is quite big.  However, this version would soon prove otherwise.  After Pete and friends went on looking for his dogs for hours, they found dog paws that led to Chedester’s tree stand.

“I asked him, did you kill my dogs, man?  I want to know so I can bury them.  Meanwhile, he keeps eyeing this new brush pile. That’s new and fresh,” Byers said. “Then he kind of looks down his nose at me and says ‘yeah, I killed your dogs. You want me to buy you two new ones? I’ll buy you two new dogs.”

Pete then saw his two dogs shot and is now demanding justice for them.  Chedester did not display any sign of repentance as he even posted the kill on Facebook. On the other hand, rescued dog associations and shelters showed a big support to Pete and his family.

He wrote on one of his posts that day, “Shot 2 stupid dogs that got off their leash it was a clean kill now leave me alone.”

According to the newly-imposed Goddard’s Law, it is unlawful to cause serious physical harm to a companion animal.  Michael Chedester will face two felony charges on violating this law.

The hunter has been fired from his job at American Electric Power.  The company stated that his employee had little merit on his actions.  The saddest part of the story is that any conviction will not bring Emmy and Bella back. “They were just really good friends, unconditional love all the time,” Byers said after giving them the last goodbye.

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