Dog symptoms: Can humans get fleas from dogs

Dog symptoms: Can humans get fleas from dogs

Can humans get fleas from dogs

Let us see.  Fleas are blood-sucking insects.  Do they discriminate between humans and animals?  Not really.  Our dogs and us are both mammals, this means we are both warm-blooded.  They can easily transmit disease through their bite.  Fleas are waiting on the soil and tall grass for a warm mammal host to rub on it.

Therefore, yes.  There is no escaping from dog and cat fleas.  The only good news is that they are probably more visible and less abundant in us since they do not have as much hair to cling to.   They are very likely to transmit disease if not treated properly.

How do humans get fleas?

Fleas are more of a problem to our pets than to us.  Especially if your dog is allergic to flea bit or has a sensitive skin.  Some dogs can develop an allergy that makes them itch all over from one single flea bite.  A major life-threatening disease can affect our pet if we do not act on time.

Humans get fleas from their pets.  But not directly, necessarily.  If your pet has grown many fleas, you probably have an infestation in your home from larvae and unhatched eggs.  Your pet is mainly a carrier.  You could have caught them on your cloth or effects.

The required job to free your home from these nasty insects will take time and dedication.  They usually burrow in carpets, yards, walls, and of course, your pet.

What can fleas do to humans?

There are usually three types of flea that can infect humans:  canine flea, feline flea, and human flea.  But Pulex irritans is the only one known to live in humans .  It feeds on human blood but it can also inhabit dogs and cats.

These drop-shaped bugs are very small and dark.  They usually dwell in the head, arms, and/or legs.  They usually bite in rows and, if you are allergic to them, you might grow a red halo around the bite.

If you are infected, do not apply the same products you use on your pet on yourself.  There are milder soaps and shampoos you could use instead.  Ask your physician for more information.

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