Dog training: stop your dog chewing on things

Dog training: stop your dog chewing on things

Dog training your pet to stop chewing on things

You walk into your room and, with horror, watch how Spot is ferociously chewing on your favorite pair of shoes!  They are beyond the point of recovery and all you have left is to weep over your Jimmy Choos.   This is not an unusual behavior for dogs, especially puppies.  Dog training from early stages can help you to save your favorite shoes!

The target of dog training must be toward having them stop chewing on households. This will save you from a lot of headaches and will keep your puppy from destroying things around the house, and prevent your dog from developing stomach bloat condition.

Why dogs chew

Chewing on everything is a way for puppies to cope with the pain of cutting adult dog teeth, despite of your dog breed. Besides this, they have not learned yet what are the things that are off-limits.  Training against this behavior should start at an early age.

There are other reasons why dogs gnawing on things.  These include anxiety, boredom, attention calling, or other common dideases.  The last one is the reason why they find shoes and socks so alluring.

Dog training for chewing pups

These are some useful tips to train your puppy for it to not chew on stuff:

  • You do not want your dog to chew on stuff, therefore, keep anything that he might find enticing away from his reach.
  • Pay attention to how you pet your dog.  This is, play with your dog and train him into understanding what is chewable and what is not.
  • Provide your puppy with chewable toys that are easily distinguishable from things that he cannot chew.
  • Make sure your dog becomes obsessed with chewing the toy you have provided. And if so take him for dog walking to make him feel relax.
  • Use a deterrent and apply it on furniture or anything your dog seems to enjoy gnawing at.  You could use something bitter but make sure it is not toxic for your pet.
  • Reward your dog when they give you the object they are chewing at your command. For instance, you can offer him a tasty beer for dog!
  • Very importantly, do not run after your dog to retrieve the shoe between his jaws.  Otherwise, he will think you are playing and you will be actually enforcing the aggressive behavior.

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