Why dog walking is important for your pet

Why dog walking is important for your pet

Enjoy dog walking and make your pet happier

If you took a dog for adoption, you took upon you the responsibility of dedicating him some quality time.  Dog walking is a perfect way to cover some important areas to the development of your pet, independently of the dog breed you have.

In this post, we will mention some ways in which taking  your dog for walks is helping you and your pet.  We only hope that you feel more compelled to taking your dog for more dog walks around the neighborhood and beyond,

What are the benefits of dog walking?

  • It keeps your dog healthy.  It helps him stay strong, and with lubricated joints.  Besides this, it helps control your pet’s weight.
  • It provides an opportunity for recreation.  This will help reduce or eliminate some of your dog’s aggressive behavior like chewing on stuff or digging.  A dog that has nothing constructive to do will find something else to do.
  • Walking helps your pet´s digestive system and can even help relieve constipation and  dog stomach bloat condition.
  • A dog walk relieves behaviors such as knocking on things or hyperactivity.  This can help your pet have a better sleep as all the energy is channeled.
  • If you dog has a common disease, whines or seems depressed, it could be a sign that it is not going out for walks too often.  Taking him on a dog walk will keep him happy and help strengthen the pet-owner bond.

Enhance the experience for your pet

There are proper ways of taking your dog for a walk.  Consider the following.

  • Veterinarians will usually recommend taking your pup out until he turns one year old.
  • Train him to get used to a collar.  The first times, he will try to take it off but will eventually get used to it, even if it is a small dog.
  • Consider dog walking an opportunity for training.  Teach him how to follow your lead.  Start with commands such as “sit” or “stay”.
  • Let him enjoy every opportunity to explore.  Do not jerk the leash on him when he is sniffing around.
  • Take him to as many different places as possible.
  • Most probably, your dog will meet other dogs.  Take this as an opportunity to pet your dog and enhance his social skills.

If you would like to get more tips on the best practices to look after your dog, join us at Dogalize.