Dog watchman at the airport


Dog watchman at the airport | Dogalize

US airfield uses a special watchman to avoid the presence of birds and other animals on the slopes. It’s called Piper and is the most famous employee of Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan (USA), and his conditions also makes him one of the most unusual.

Piper is not a person, it’s a dog!

With snow goggles, earmuffs and a jacket to keep him warm, Piper watches that there are no other people or animals on the runway when a plane takes off or lands, thus avoiding possible accidents. Since 2011 there have been 37 incidents involving birds.

The airfield, in the middle of Great Lakes region, is surrounded by nature and so Piper, a border collie, is a fundamental part of its safety plan.

Piper’s owner, Brian Edwards, is supervisor of operations at Cherry Capital since 2008 and he is proud to share his workspace with his best friend, his dog.