Why do dogs bite their Nails?

Trimming dog nails

Why do dogs bite their Nails?

When you see a human biting their nails, you usually think of it as a bad habit.  It is not the same in dogs of all breeds. Have you noticed that not only they bite their nails but also lick their paws?  Today we will attempt to answer why do dogs bite their nails.  If you have a dog biting nails, you will find this article interesting. 

Medical condition of a dog biting nails

As to why do dogs bite their nails, this is usually due to an illness or condition that a veterinary can help you with.  Pay attention to the following on your dog biting nails to better assess your veterinarian.

  • Atopy is considered the number one cause for a dog to lick his paws and bite his nails.  It is also known as inhalant allergies.  This disease causes the feet to itch and dogs lick their feet and bite their nails in an attempt to get rid of the itchiness.  Saliva then promotes the growth of more fungi and bacteria, creating a cycle that the dog will have to learn to get out of.  
  • A broken nail is not only the bane of a girl’s existence.  Whenever your pet has a broken nail, he will attempt to get rid of it completely.  He does this when the broken nail is painful or simply bothersome.
  • A dog biting nails can also be an indication of boredom and/or anxiety. Maybe you should go out and walk with your dog more often.  

What can I do?

As you already know, taking care of your pet is your responsibility.  Now that you have seen why do dogs bite their nails you can help your dog get through it. 

The very first thing you should not is if your dog is biting his nails profusely and frequently.  This is when you should take him to the veterinarian.  

Use our online directory here in Dogalize to find the veterinary office closer to yourself.  You can connect with us and chat and learn how to take better care of your best friend