Dog breeds: Artois Hound temperament and personality

Dog breed: Artois Hound

All you need to know about Artois Hound

Also known as Chien d’Artois, the Artois Hound is a rare dog breed with its origins in France.  This is a well-constructed dog, a descendant of the bloodhound. 

They are one of the oldest breeds of France.  At the time of Henry IV of France and Louis XIII, it was greatly appreciated for its hunting abilities.  At those times, they were called Picards or Picardy hounds.  

Physical characteristics

The Artois hound is big dog, muscular but not too long.  Weighing 62 to 66 pounds, it is around 21-23 inches tall. 

Temperament and personality 

This is one strong and loyal breed.  It is a strong dog with a lot of endurance, ideal for long dog walking sessions.  They are fast, independent, and have a powerful sense of smell.  It only makes sense since they were created to hunt rabbits.  

If you care for them, they are affectionate and loving.  This energetic love is loyal and brave. 

Caring for the Artois Hound

The dog is very active, therefore requiring a lot of exercise.  Remember that he is a hunting dog.  Proper training is essential since these dogs are usually very stubborn, but it’s a fun animal at the same time.  

The Artois hound requires minimum grooming.  You do not have to bathe this dog too frequently.  A damp towel should do the work. 


It is imperative for this dog to be trained from an early age.  These dogs are characterized to be stubborn.  Motivational dog training is essential for the proper development of this dog. 


There is no major health issue regarding this dog.  However, make sure you take proper care of him. 

Taking in an Artois hound can prove challenging.  Especially if this your first time as a pet owner.  But you can find everything you need here at Dogalize.  We specialize in properly serving your cute little fella.  We can help you better train  your mutt.