Funny Pets and People

Funny Pets and People

Funny Pets and People, it’s entertainment time!

With proper training, pets do the most amazing tricks.  These are always great fuel for laughs.  But it gets funnier when you see funny pets and people.  We humans love to pet our dogs and sometimes watch them behaving human-like.  Interacting with a person adds more to the entertainment.

There are several videos on social media and social network for pets where pet owners are playing with their pets and different dog breeds.  We will mention some of them.

Funny Pets and People playing

We have a variety of examples here.  We mention them here but we will strongly suggest you go and take a look on YouTube later.

  • How about a dalmatian playing beach ball with her owner at the pool?  This dog thinks she´s a seal!
  • You will laugh about this small dog on top of a pinball table while his owner is going at it!
  • In for some fun and, why not, some sparkling cleaning on the inside of your car, just turn on the windshield wiping blades with your massive dog inside.  You can also try with a cat.

Funny Pets and People doing sports

They are not sports in the strict sense but, well, there is a ball involved.  That should count as a sport!  Besides, they do provide great exercise for your pet while dog walking together.

  • Throw in a ball and a dog into an empty pool and you will get infinite fetch!  The dog just goes round and round the pool pushing the ball.
  • This might work more with cats than dogs but place a puppy on a ping-pong table and try to play.  The puppy or cat will surely join the fun, and might eve chew the ball!
  • When it comes to sports, you really have fun watching dogs boarding behind a boat.

You can also have a funny pet

Are you a funny pet and people?  This is great as you get to have fun with your best friend.  Engaging your dog in activities involving you helps him better develop skills and reduce aggressive dog behavor also strengthens the bond between you and your pet.

If you need more information on how to better interact with your pet, follow us on Dogalize and find the best tips and tricks for pets.