Good year, friends! Tips for a Wonderful 2017

Good year, friends! Tips for a Wonderful 2017 - Dogalize

Dogalize wishes you a Good Year!

Another year has passed and as always we have to ask ourselves: how 2016 was for us and our dog?

This new year starts with the right foot!

Love your pet like you always do, think how much you can do together and the hours of fun that await you in this new year.

After all, your dog’s health and happiness are important too and depend on you!

Look how many nice activities you can do with your pet in the next 2017:

  • Go out for a walk, to run, to swim, to exercise, take him out for a walk, to play and to have a lot of fun.
  • Teach him tricks, stimulate his mind.
  • Take him to the vet for his vaccines and for general health checkups.
  • Take it to the aesthetics to clean him at least once a month or you can do it yourself at home. And do not forget his oral hygiene.
  • Give him a good feed.
  • Dedicate him the time he needs and a little more, hug him every day.
  • Live and enjoy the moment together.

We are sure that this little list will help you to set your goals for 2017 with your pet and make him have a good year!

Once again Thanks to all!

Again thank you for choosing us and for sharing our joy.

Thanks to you, we have managed to give a better life to many four-legged friends, from dogs and cats, to donkeys and even porcupines among other animals.

We remind you that with your great collaboration we have managed to donate the incredible amount of 26,699 animal feeds in just one year!

For this reason, our well-deserved thanks goes to the volunteers and associations we collaborate with, because they devote their daily lives to help those who need them the most. You are without a doubt the impulse that moves all our team to improve and to give all the best that we can in every situation, for the good of all the animals, being them of two legs, of four or more.

This is just the beginning! We will continue to work and organize more initiatives to help sick dogs or other pets that need it, so keep sending your new proposals, we are listening!

Remember that the association and the registration to Dogalize are FREE!

Once again, we wish you a Happy New Year!

A big hug for you and your beloved pet.