Helpful dogs for children’s mental issues

Helpful dogs for children's mental issues

Helpful dogs for children’s mental issues

Studies have shown time and time again about the social benefits of owning helful dogs and pets in general. Children with autism and social anxiety have seen improvements after adopting a pet. Therefore, learning how to pet a dog can be very benefitial.

Helpful dogs as social pets

Parents of children with special abilities only know how desperate it can get when they try to help their child during an episode.  Many times, there is no other medication than words.   Psychiatrists prescribe pills to help but they usually do not have the desired effect.

The great thing about pets is that they represent no threat to a kid with a mental issue, particularly rescued dogs have prove to be very useful.  Besides, they usually represent something to keep the mind of the child busy.  Thus, it helps prevent any negative episode.  The bond created between pet and owner helps cope with mental health issues.

How can dogs help with autism

Several families with a pet were interviewed for a study on the effect of dogs in autistic children.  94% of them stated that the family dog had bonded with their children.  They identified the dog as a great help for their kid, especially when it came to decision-making, companionship and going out for a dogwalking.

Dogs represent great companion for children with autism.  They can help ease sensory overload by just being around.

Children with autism are not aware of perils around them.  They usually go in and out into traffic without any regard of their own safety.  An autism assistance dog is especially trained to assist with this, different dog breeds are trained for this purpose.

How can dogs help social anxiety

A child with anxiety will have panic attacks, especially during idle moments.  The ownership of a pet will help fill in these moments.  Taking care of a small dog can help reduce stress by providing significant play times.

Providing a child with social anxiety a dog to love and care for provides companionship, purpose, and something postive to focus on.

How can dogs help with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a mental issue characterized by a lack of ability to stay on task and focused.  Taking care of a dog at home requires focus but also fun times, perhaps visiting your local dog shelter might be a good idea.  This responsibility/reward process can be very beneficial to a child with ADHD.

The truth is that dogs are amazing companions and pretty therapeutical.  Follow us at Dogalize to know in what other ways a beautiful dogs can help kids and adults with special needs.