Lovely small dog breeds

Lovely small dog breeds

Why do we love small dog breeds?

What is there not to love about them?! Small dog breeds are incredibly cute.  They make great companions, do not require much maintenance, and are pretty faithful dogs. In this post, we will mention the perks of having cute small dog.  So get your bag ready to drop in you cute chihuahua!

Characteristics of small dog breeds

Despite the fact that small dog breeds seem to be more of a maintenance issue, people has a tendency of getting them.  Small dogs usually require more attention.  They bump their heads on things, get lost easily, and are particularly hard to train.

Carrying him in a bag does not really help to his attitude.  Given that they are tiny, they have tiny bladders, meaning that they constantly need to go to the bathroom.  Therefore, potty training is very important and necessary.

If you acquire a small dog, you have to be prepared to work on their safety while dog walking.  If they meet a bigger dog and play, the petite one might get hurt, for instance.  They are more likely to run away from the house.

These characteristics vary depending on if it is a small dog like a beagle, or a tiny dog, like a peekaboo.  These dogs live longer, but they also suffer from common diseaes.  They make nice companions and are pretty loving.  Having one at home will definitively lighten up your abode.

Why the love for small dogs

If small dogs seem to more of a problem than a blessing, why people love them so much.  These dogs might not help the burglar stay out of your backyard, but they are pretty loyal.  The average pet lover will spend quality time with their pet.

Having a small dog breed allows dog lovers to enjoy their pet while they are performing any other recreational activity.  Bathing a small dog takes less time than a larger one. Generally, they are feed with small portions of food, but it is important to keep an eye to prevent obesity.

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