Dog Breeds: Bernese mountain dog temperament

The majestic Bernese mountain dog

The majestic Bernese mountain dog

If you are fond of big dogs, you will absolutely love the Bernese mountain dog.   This breed is very steady-tempered and easy-going.  Since it is a large dog, it can be easily trained.  

This working dog, developed in the farmlands of Switzerland, is one of the four Swiss Mountain Dogs.  If you are lucky enough to adopt one of them, you should know they are pretty loyal and make great companions. 

Maintenance of a Bernese Mountain dog

Very few large dogs can boast the smashing presence of the Bernese.  With its satiny coat, this dog is a really nice animal to have as a pet.  Since it is a large dog, it requires a lot of space and food

Their lazy nature can be misleading as this is actually an active dog.  Due to its thick coat, it does not do well in hot climates.  A favorite game to play is romping in the snow.  They are a strong breed that can be exercised by pulling a sled with kids on it.  They are suited for hard work since they were developed and used in Switzerland to herd cattle and pull carts.

Temperament and personality

The breed is very friendly with kids but, due to its size, it usually knocks down little kids accidentally.  The male stands 25 to 30 inches and females stand on 23 to 26 inches.  Their weight is usually 70 to 95 pounds. 

Some things to consider

If you would love to have a Bernese Mountain dog, well, who can blame you? However, there are some things you should consider first. 

  • They are profuse shedders, especially in the spring and fall. If you hate dog hair, then this is not the breed for you.
  • Berners have many health issues.  This is probably due to their poor genetic foundation.  This means that you should make a budget for frequent visits to the veterinarian.  
  • As they need to always be doing something, it is important to train them in obedience at an early age.
  • This dog is usually acquired internationally.  Be very cautious at not bringing a dog with a genetic disease due to wrong or false genetic information. 

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