Many thanks and Merry Christmas

Many thanks and Merry Christmas

From Dogalize we want to say thanks and wish you a Merry Christmas

Christmas is finally here! And the Dogalize team did not want to miss this opportunity to say thanks and wish all adults and children lovers of animals and their pets Merry Christmas and a prosperous holiday.

This time of year is undoubtedly special, and is an excellent opportunity to reflect on how important pets are in our lives. Different breeds of dogs, cats and other pets unselfishly offer us their fondness and loyalty day by day, and thus have become one more member of our families.

That is why from Dogalize we want to share our best wishes with all of you.

We hope that during these holidays the pets occupy that special place that they deserve in the heart of all.

Thanks to everyone for sharing our joy, thanks to this we have managed to give a better life to many 4 legged friends, from dogs and cats, to donkeys and even porcupines among other animals. We remind you that with their great collaboration we have managed to donate the incredible number of 22,000 meals for pets in just one year!

For this reason our well-deserved thanks goes to the volunteers and animal associations with which we collaborate, because they devote their day to day to help the animals that need it the most. You are without a doubt the impulse that moves all our team to improve and to give all the best that we can in every situation, for the good of all the animals, be they of two legs, of four or more.

This is just the beginning! We will continue to work and organize more initiatives to help diseased dogs or other pets that need it, so keep sending your new proposals, we are all ears!

Remember that the association and the registration to Dogalize are for FREE!

Once again, we wish you Merry Christmas and let us all continue to share our love for pets at Dogalize.