How to potty train a puppy without dying in the process

How to potty train a puppy without dying in the process

Great tips to potty train a puppy

All pet owners will agree that when it is time to potty train a puppy, it can only be comparable to a nightmare.  It seems to take a long time for results to become evident and the meantime is an authentic pain until your little dog is ready for dog walking.

You do not have to go through all the painstaking shortcomings of potty training your pup.  Today we will share with you the ultimate tips to train your dog to evacuate where he must.

Puppy’s natural instincts are useful for house training

If a puppy is rewarded for a given behavior, chances are it will be repeated.  Let how to pet your dog when has done his job, and always use rewarding when your puppy successfully evacuates on the designated area.

Usually, a puppy will need to go potty every 30-45 minutes.  Take some time to work on this rhythm to keep a mental track of your pet´s habits.

The process to potty train a puppy takes some time, but it is very important to avoid common diseases at early ages.  This house training process might take four to six months, but up to one year in some species.  As a general rule, the smaller the breed the smaller the bladder and faster the metabolism.  This means more frequent trips outside.

The best strategies to potty train a puppy

  • Schedule feeding times. This will allow you to better predict potty times.
  • Take him out in the morning and then take him every 30-45 minutes.  Remember that, even when it is not pivotal, size might help determine the probable potty times.
  • Take advantage of scent.  Take your puppy to the same spot all the time.
  • When your puppy eliminates on the designated spot, reward him with a treat.
  • Do not punish the dog if he eliminates inside the house.  This can lead to unwanted behaviors.
  • At least during the house training process, always go out and stay with your dog.
  • Take your dog outside before bedtime at night and whenever he is left alone.


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