Tips to socialize an Aggressive Dog

Tips to socialize an Aggressive Dog

Avoid aggressions and socialize an Aggressive Dog

If your dog is usually aggressive and barks at people or other animals during a walk around the neighborhood, you might want to work with such behavior.   Walking your dog is a great exercise for him but it can turn into a stressful experience if he displays dog aggression against other dogs.  This is not an unusual behavior problem but there are ways to help your dog be less aggressive.

We will be talking about some effective ways to train your dog.  But first, since we have seen that many pet owners usually make mistakes when training their dogs, let’s focus on some mistakes to avoid.


If you have an aggressive dog and plan on training him to socialize, please avoid the following common mistakes:

  • Do not fight dog aggression with more aggression.  If your pet starks barking at a loose dog and you hit or pull the leash violently, your dog will respong violently as well.
  • Punishment poses the risk of sending the wrong message to the dog.  Plus, there is no evidence that this actually works. It is important to know how to pet a dog for this reason.
  • Suppressing a dog’s growling with leash yanks or physical punishment may result in the dog having sudden violent bursts with no warning.


The new ways of training against dog aggression are geared towards rewarding positive behavior.  If you want to train your dog to become more social, these are some tips:

  • Be patient.  You will not see results overnight.  It takes some time and dedication.
  • Bring treats to your walks with your dog to reward him when he sits quietly and peacefully.
  • Slowly introduce new dogs to yours.  Ask a friend with an easy-going dog to take him for walks with you and your dog.  Keep a decent distance between them and call them apart with a peaceful tone if they start to get tense.
  • Don´t forget to reward your dog every time they show non-aggressive behaviour aroung other dogs.

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