Dog News: Two Alaskan Malamutes crazy for grandma

Two Alaskan Malamutes crazy for grandma

Two Alaskan Malamutes go crazy when they learn grandma is hiding in the house

It is undeniable that dogs are the most loving creatures on the planet.  Two Alaskan Malamutes are a proof of this. On a YouTube video posted by Life with Malamutes, you can see how dogs deepest emotions are.  They cannot talk and scream with excitement like humans do, but they show their heart in their unique way.

On the video, the two Alaskan Malamutes, which is a dog breed with a body built for stamina and strength, are brought inside the house.  Once they go in, they realize there is someone in the house.  They start jumping with excitement and start looking around in the living room.  You can see their utter excitement as they run around the room and jump up.

The door outside the living room is opened and the dogs start sniffing around to see where this special person is.  They start sleuthing around until their powerful sense of smell takes them upstairs.  It does not really take them much time to find Grandma in one of the rooms.

Once upstairs, they split to go and make some recon and search.  One of them rapidly finds Grandma and jumps over her with excitement to be pet.  Then the second one joins in to play around and jolt with excitement.

The two dog show all their love to Grandma, as it should be.  Watching this video will warm your heart and might even make you shed a tear.

Some say that a home is not complete until a dog comes in.  We happen to agree with this.  Dogs, besides making amazing pets, are the most loyal and loving creatures.  These Alaskan Malamutes really know how to show their love to those who love them.

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