Veterinarian advice: Toxic algae for dogs

Veterinarian advice: Toxic algae for dogs

Toxic algae pose life threat to dogs

Blue-green toxic algae in rivers have been found to pose a health risk for your dog and cause serious diseases.  According to veterinarian advice, if you are with your dog outdoors and you see these algae in the water, stay clear.

There have been reports from New Zealand where two dogs were killed after consuming the alga from the Cardrona River.  The alga was also found in the Manuherikia River, but according to the Otago Regional Council, it has spread. According to sources the alga can affects to most of dog breeds.

Burley, Idaho has also informed about the presence of toxic algae in the Snake River in  Minnesota.  Veterinarians Gillespie and her husband, Bart Gillespie while walking with their dog, saw how their retriever, Rose, stopped breathing after bathing in the river.  Fortunately, they managed to resuscitate her and take her to the veterinarian hospital in time.

Last year, the death of a dog in Douglas County was confirmed to have been caused by the algae.  A year before that, three dog deaths were also confirmed.

What are these toxic algae?

Blue-green algae are actually a form of bacteria.  When they bloom in the water, they produces a toxin that poses a public health risk to animals and humans.  The water takes a blue color and is no longer clear.

In some places, these blue-green algae blooms are very common.  Not all of them are toxic but it is hard to determine which ones are and which are not.

If your pet gets intoxicated

The toxin usually affects the liver and the respiratory system.  A dog exposed with the toxic algae will start vomiting, have diarrhea, stomach bloat and usually have their respiratory system paralyzed.  This will cause the dog to stop breathing.

If you suspect your dog got intoxicated, there are some basic first-aid you can perform on him.  If possible, give him some basic CPR;  keep him breathing.  Rush him to the veterinarian clinic immediately.

Take precautions

If you see the waters have turned a pea-like green, the best thing to do is to keep your dogs, kids, and everyone away from the water. To find out more good advice for your pet and the latest news about dogs, keep conneted to Dogalize.