What’s best Pet Food for Dogs?

What's best Pet Food for Dogs?

A little guide through the best Pet Food for Dogs

Pet food for dogs is intended for their specific needs.  This is not considered food intended for humans.  However, it does contain most necessary nutrients for your pet. When deciding what will you be feeding your friend, you should consider veterinary recommendations, nutritional value, and your particular dog needs.

Pet food for puppies

Puppies have specific needs that target growth and development. The nutritional content of such food is twice that of a mature dog.  A puppy grows at a rapid rate and is building muscle, joints, and bones. It is particularly important to keep an eye on puppies chewing things, because teeth growing.

Because of this, puppy food must be at least 30% proteins, to grow up strong.  It also has a high fat content which is not advisable for adult dogs.

Dog food is classified into three types:  dry kibble, semi-moist, and moist.  Dry dog food is the best to use due to its high meat content (protein).  It also helps to regulate dog’s digestion.  Moist dog food is more expensive and will spoil rapidly if not stored properly.  Since it contains water, its nutritional value is lower.

Semi-moist dog food is pretty good as well.  The only problem here is that it is actually expensive and does not have any dental benefits.

Pet food for adults

You must change the type of food you feed your puppy when he is at least at 80% of his puppy life.  This is usually around 1 year of age.  When deciding what to feed your pet, think of who active he is to prevent dog obesity.  Is his weight appropriate and goes for long walks?  Or is he a lazy one that does nothing but to sleep all day?

You should also check for the nutritional value.  Being practical, go for food that is appropriate for the size and breed of your dog.  If your dog is overweight or inactive, choose a bag labeled for adult maintenance.

The proper amount

In the case of a puppy, you should feed your dog three times a day.  If for some reason, he wants to skip a meal, it is ok.  If you prefer to prepare homemade dog food , remember to store in the refrigerator.  You can give it to him later during the day.

Most pet food bags contain labels with the suggested serving size depending on the size of your dog.  Usually, dogs will not eat more than what they need.  Keep track of this and serve as suggested by your own pet.

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