Dog Breeds: Alpine Dachsbracke temperament and personality

Alpine Dachsbracke

The Alpine Dachsbracke

The Alpine Dachsbracke is a scent hound, small in size, and original from Austria.  The breed is also known as Alpenlandischer Dachsbracke, Alpenländische Dachsbracke and Basset des Alpes.


The origins of the Alpine Dachsbracke can be traced back to the 19th century.  They were bred by crossing the original larger dogs with Dachshunds.  It was specifically created to help hunt deer, fox, boars, and hares.

Physical characteristics

This dog has a lot of resemblance with the Dachshund with only slightly larger legs and a long body.  They are visibly robust and have a strong bone structure.

The coat is dense, smooth and short, except for the neck and tail.  The male goes as high as 37-38 cm in height, whereas the female is 36-37 cm.   Their weight is from 32 to 40 lb.  Their coating can be red, black, brown.  It has no specific markings.

Temperament and personality

This is one loving and loyal dog.  Although it was created to withstand the chill of the Alps in the middle of a hunt, this dog makes pretty well in apartments.

He is particularly friendly with kids.  He is brave and protective.

Caring for the Alpine Dachsbracke

When it comes to space, this dog is not too demanding.  As with all dogs, you should take him for long walks every day.  Keep in mind that this is a hunting dog and sometimes you might not be able to put up with him.

Shampooing and grooming are not really a problem.  This dog actually could be low maintenance. Bathe him whenever you see fit.


It is important that you are consistent with the Dachsbracke in his training.  It is imperative that he understands that you are the leader of the pack.

Also, remember that he has a hound sniffing sense so you should train him to stay away from danger.

Fun Facts

  • In 1932 it was recognized as the third scent hound breed in Australia by canine organizations of the time.
  • Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria always made sure to bring Alpine Dachsbrackes to his hunting trips.

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