Dog Breeds: Border Collie temperament and personality

Border Collie

The Border Collie

From the hills in the border between Scotland and England comes the sheepherder dog, the Border Collie.  As a herding dog, he is tireless, active, and with unlimited energy and stamina.


The ancestors of the Border Collie have been around since humans have.  This breed was thought as a herding dog in the hills bordering England and Scotland.

With time the type of Collie varied according to the conditions in which they lived.  In this way, they started to be called Northern Sheepdogs, Welsh Sheepdogs, Highland Collies, and Scotch Collies.  The word collie comes from a Scottish dialect and refers to sheepdogs.

Physical characteristics

There are standards for what a Border Collie should look like.  It is this way in Australia and New Zealand which is where they developed during the last century.

According to these standards, the Border Collie must be slightly larger than it is tall, soft dark eyes, semi-pricked ears, and a lush fur.  In fact, this breed is usually displayed at kennel shows.

Temperament and personality

This dog needs to be very active.  His unlimited energy does not allow him to sit quietly on the porch while you are just lying there sipping your cup of coffee.  If he does not get active he will get bored easily.

Get him to do something, otherwise, he will engage in annoying activities such as barking, digging, or chasing animals or cars.

Caring for a Border Collie

The Border Collie needs a fenced and large yard for him to steam out all his energy.  He loves to chase cars but is not really good at it so he must be protected. Not only is this an active dog but it is also pretty smart.

As a matter of fact, he is considered by many to be the smartest dog breed.  This means that he needs to not only be physically exercised but he must also be mentally stimulated. Otherwise, you risk boredom.  And you know what happens when a dog gets bored.  So the question is if you are up for the challenge of keeping this dog´s mind and body busy.


Because of his high level of intelligence, this dog is easy to train.  Of course, you must work with positive reinforcement by providing good treats after the expected behavior.

As an owner, you have to be firm and gentle.  But you must also be thinking of ways to properly stimulate your dog.

Fun facts

  • This dog is highly sensitive.  In few words, if trained properly, you could have him respond to a movement of your eyebrow.
  • His herding instinct can be stimulated by noisy kids.  This will cause him to nudge, nip, and bark.

Taking in a Border Collie means a lot of responsibility.  Make sure you ask a veterinarian if it is the correct choice.  In Dogalize we believe that all pets deserve our love. Follow us to learn more about dog breeds and many of other great stuff.