Dog Breeds: Bulldog Temperament and personality

bulldog breed

The Always Gentle Bulldog

What is it not to love about Bulldogs?  They are friendly, calm, and courageous.  Always ready to protect those he loves, this dog breed is pretty amusing.


The Bulldog breed was developed in England and is a descendant of ancient mastiff-type dogs.  This breed goes back to 1500 when it was first mentioned in a piece of literature.  The name comes from the original purpose of these dogs.

The Bulldog breed was used for a blood sport called “bull baiting”.  This was a setting of dogs placed against a tethered bull. The first dog to pin down the bull from its nose was the winner.  After the sport became illegal, the Bulldog found a place at English homes and eventually the USA.

Today, the Bulldog is also known as British Bulldog or American Bulldog.

Physical Characteristics

These dogs a have a characteristic pronounced mandibular prognathism.  They have a large head and shoulders.  The short muzzle has this typical two-fold or, as it is also known, a nose roll or rope.


The Bulldog breed has a reputation for being courageous therefore, it makes a great watch dog.  On the other hand, he is gentle and sweet. This is one friendly and easygoing dog. He will easily get along with everyone.

Bulldogs are not excessive barkers.  The truth is that he does not need to as his mere presence is sometimes enough to ward off intruders.

Caring for a bulldog breed

This mutt is a low-energy dog.  After 15 minutes of play, he is ready for a well-deserved nap.  This makes him an excellent pet to live indoors, at apartments or condos.  They are also well-suited for a house with a yard.

Due to the structure of their nose, these dogs do not do well in hot weather and are prone to heatstroke.  You must be careful not to expose them to a too hot and humid weather.


They are slow learners but once they have learned something they hold onto it strongly.  He learns best with positive reinforcement and rewarding.  You must be repetitive, consistent, and patient.


Several diseases can affect a Bulldog due to the shape of their heads and face.  They are heavy dogs and may have difficulty breathing.  Make sure you can afford a veterinarian as you might have to visit several times.

Fun facts

  • You probably know this already but these fellows can be stubborn and lazy.
  • They wheeze, snort, snore, and are prone to sleep apnea.
  • Here in Dogalize we do not recommend you breeding dogs unless you are an expert.  We could not stress it strong enough with Bulldogs.

You will need to take special care of a Bulldog but here in Dogalize we can help you out through the process.  Follow us to find useful information on how to take care of this massive and cute pooch.