Can dogs catch colds from humans? let’s find out!

can dogs catch colds from humans

Can I Give my Dog a Cold?

If you are curious and have wondered: can dogs catch colds from humans? there are some things that you should know.  First, let’s remember what are the symptoms of a common cold on you.  You know, fever, headache, incessant sneezing, etc.  Now, consider what are the causes of the common cold.

What causes colds?

Colds are caused by viruses.  There are many strains of the common cold virus that it is like the body has to learn about a new invader every time.  When your immune system cannot fight these pathogens, then you catch a common cold.

It is no different for your  pet.  However, in the case of dogs, the underlying cause also resides on the dog’s overall health.  But mostly, when your pup has caught a cold, he was not able to fight the pathogenic invaders.

Can dogs catch colds from humans?

The answer is no.  There is no transmission of this virus in any strain form from humans to animals.  The reason why is because, well, your pet´s immune system is stronger than ours, so to speak.  You see how he can drink water from a filthy pond and not get sick often.  We humans would get sick at the first sip.

So, if you have a cold, don´t worry about passing it to your furry friend.  The viruses that can thrive in you stand no chance against your dog´s immune system.  So you can be fine and not feel guilty if you and your pet become sick buddies.  You did not give your dog the cold.

Can the opposite happen?

Well, interestingly, the opposite will not happen either.  Cold viruses in dogs and humans are very different and, therefore, cannot be transferred.

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