Can our dogs watch television show? let’s find out!

can dogs watch tv

Do dogs see what’s happening on TV?

Probably instead of wondering if either yes or no can dogs watch TV, we should wonder if they enjoy or even understand what they are watching.  Now, dogs do perceive images and obviously, perceive the world through their eyes.  But, is there any difference when they perceive these images coming from an unusual box (or flatscreen)?

How do dogs watch TV?

You do notice that your dog will usually sit in front of the TV to watch the show you are watching.  Thankfully, they do not have any issue in fighting the remote with you.  However, using brain scanning, experts have discovered that dogs prefer to watch other dogs or animals on TV.  They vividly react to such movements on TV.

But dogs do not watch TV the same way we do.  We humans could spend hours sitting on the lazy boy with a bag of nachos and soda.  But a dog, which will usually stand as close as he can to the TV is a more active viewer.  They will usually fidget and get up from time to time.

As with colors, studies have revealed that dogs can only watch frames in a range of two colors – blue and yellow. We are able to perceive all the colors of the spectrum.

Do dogs enjoy and react to TV?

A dog watching a modern TV is like us watching a 1920s TV, like a flickering image.  It seems kind of boring to us humans.  But is your dog enjoying what he is watching on the TV?

Now, scientists are certain that there are certain TV programs that dogs enjoy most and these are the ones that usually involve other dogs.   However, if they actually enjoy it or not is pretty much more complex.

We are not sure as to why would a dog even sit to watch TV.  There are still mysteries to be uncovered if the TV designed specifically for canines make them enjoy what they see.  What we can be certain about is that they will hardly binge on a 22-episode season of “Dogs of our lives”.

Can dogs watch TV?

So, in conclusion, can dogs watch TV?  Yes, however, they will pay attention to those thing that engage them.  Everything else seems to be non-important to the dog.

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