How can I teach dogs some commands?

How can I teach dogs some commands? Discover it into Dogalize!

How can I teach dogs some commands? Discover it into Dogalize!

Nobody is expecting you to teach dogs to jump through fire rings and dance at the sound of a salsa song. When we say dog training we refer to a basic knowledge that you should endow your pet with to guarantee his survival. Therefore, it is imperative that you teach your dog how to obey simple commands and perform certain actions.

Dog training seems like a hard task to most pet owners. But the truth is that a good combination of perseverance, rewards, and patience will do the trick. The most basic commands that you should train your pet for are to sit, to come, to get down, to stay, and to leave it. Oh, and let´s not forget potty training.

Dog training to sit

This command is one of the first ones you should teach your dog. Hold a treat close to your dog´s nose. Move your hand about allowing him to follow it until he sits. When he does, say “sit”, give him the treat and show affection. Repeat the exercise until your dog has mastered it.

Dog training to come

This command is needed to keep dogs out of trouble. Some dog breeds will not back down from a fight and fear nothing. So this command could even wind up saving his life.
Put a leash on your dog. Gently pull him towards you as you say “come“. When he does, give him a treat and pet him.

Dog training to get down

Some dogs are dominant and will not get this one very easily. Down is a submissive position and you have to demonstrate that you are the alpha of the pack in order for him to realize you are the one in control.

Put a treat close to your dog´s mouth. When he smells it, put it to floor level until dog follows. Slide your hand along the ground until he follows the lead. When he gets down, say “down“, give him the treat and give him some love.

Dog training to stay

Teach dogs to sit first. Show him your palm and firmly say “stay“. Take a few steps back. If he does stay, give him a treat and show affection. Increase the number of steps from time to time until your dog has mastered the trick.

Dog training to leave it

This command can keep your dog out of trouble when his curiosity leads him to something dangerous. Put a treat in your two hands. Show him the treat in one hand and close it. He will sniff, lick, mouth, and paw. When he stops trying, give him the treat from the other hand. When he does so, say “leave it“. Repeat until he only gets away from the first treat after you say “leave it”.

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