Dog Breeds: Collie temperament and personality

collie dog breed

The Collie

The Collie dog breed is a dog that was primarily used as a herding dog.  He makes a great companion and has a particular ability to foresee his owner’s needs.


The Collie is a native from the Highland regions of Scotland. The name, which is probably some disambiguation from all the names he´s had before, is derived from col or coll, which means black.  The Collie dog breed was predominantly black and very similar in appearance to the modern Border Collies.

Collies became predominant thanks to Queen Victoria who brought them to England in 1860 after visiting her Scotland estate.  Not long after, the dogs were bred for their looks.  In 1879, the first Collie dog was imported to America.

Physical Characteristics

The Collie dog breed is a medium size dog.  They usually weigh 45 to 70 pounds.  There are actually several types of Collies but they have some common physical traits.  The fur can be flat, short, or long. Although they can vary in coloration, the most common colors are black, red, red-and-tan, black-and-tan, and sable.

Temperament and Personality

The dog is sweet, gentle, and playful. He loves to be a part of family activities.  He is especially playful with kids and protective of them.  The Collie dog is also very smart and loyal.  This dog will love you to the end of his life as he would gladly put his life on the line to protect his family.

Caring for a Collie Dog

This dog needs a fair amount of exercise.  A brisk walk and some playing time will suffice.  This fella loves to be around people so he is not a good choice for a backyard dog.

The Collie dog breed is one that will bark a lot if left alone for too long, feels uncomfortable, or frustrated.


Training this dog breed is fairly easy.  They are very intelligent and will easily follow instructions.  Early socialization is important for his proper development.

Fun Facts 

  • This is usually a very quiet pet unless left alone for too long.
  • Lassie, the famous fictional dog from TV is a Collie dog breed.  Just like in the show, this dog will put himself in any type of danger to save his loved ones.
  • These dogs are usually born with a genetic defect that makes them susceptible to over 100 drugs.  Always confirm with your veterinarian before administrating any medication to your Collie.

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