Dog Breeds: Dalmatian temperament and personality

Dalmatian dog

The Unique Dalmatian Dog

The Dalmatian dog is a large dog with a characteristic spotted coat.  These dogs are probably one of the most famous breeds thanks to the 101 Dalmatians film.


The origins of the Dalmatian are unknown.  However, the FCI (World Canine Organization, by its acronym in French) collected evidence that places its origin in Croatia.  The first illustration of a Dalmatian dog was found in paintings from the 17th century. 

They get their name from the city of Dalmatia, a province in what is now Croatia. Dalmatians have been used for a variety of tasks.  They have been guardian dogs, ratters, retrievers, coaching dogs, circus dogs, and shepherds.  

In England, it was used as a coaching dog.  They cleared the path for the upcoming wagon and would usually walk along the horses.  Today, Dalmatians still have affinity with horses.

Physical Characteristics

The Dalmatian dog is a large dog, muscular, and sleek.  It stands from 19 to 23 inches and weighs from 48 to 55 lb.  Males are generally larger than the females.

Temperament and Personality

This is one smart dog that can go from stout to a clown in a split second.  It is a humorous dog that will give you great times.  He is very social and loyal and enjoys activities with the family.  He gets along pretty well with kids.  However, kids under age of 6 must be supervised as the Dalmation might knock them over.

Caring for a Dalmatian dog

The first thing you need to know about a Dalmatian dog is that they are very active and can easily tire you.  These dogs do not do well when left alone for too much time.  They will get bored and get destructive.

Dalmatians have a unique urinary system.  Because of this, you should always check the color of their urination and always have plenty of fresh water available.


These are very smart dogs and are easily trainable.  Use positive reinforcement when training.  Very importantly, they should be trained when puppies with firmness and consistency, otherwise you will have a troubling adult.


Dalmatian dogs have a genetic predisposition to deafness.  In fact, at least 30% of them are born deaf.  The ACK recommend euthanizing deaf dogs as they might become violent if startled.

Fun facts

  • Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” increased this breed´s popularity.
  • They shed.  Make sure you brush their hair frequently.
  • In the United States, it is the mascot for the fire department.
  • Dalmatians are also associated with Budweiser beer.

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