Dog Breeds: Bichon Bolognese temperament and personality

Dog Breeds: Bichon Bolognese temperament and personality

The Bichon Bolognese

The Bichon Bolognese, or simply Bolognese, is a tiny companion dog that loves being close to his family.  He is also one to get away with it, so you must be careful not to easily give in.


The origins of the Bolognese go back to Italian Aristocracy, so it has a royal dog ancestry.  They belong to the Bichon family, wich includes the Maltese, Bichon Frise, Lowchen, Havanese and Coton de Tulear.

The name comes from Bologna, the Italian city where the breed was conceived.  Their existence has been recorded since the year 1200.

Physical characteristics

The Bichon Bolognese is a small, compact dog with a very distinctive hair coat.  It is well-muscled and the shape of his head is medium length.

Their height goes from 10 to 12 inches for the male and 10-11 inches for the female.  The weight can go between 6 and 14 lbs.

Temperament and personality

This dog is smart, playful, funny, loyal, playful, and easygoing.  They are the best companions as they will usually follow their owner everywhere they go.  They can make good watchdogs but will not bark incessantly.

At first, they do not do well with strangers but they get accustomed depending on the interaction of their owner with said stranger.   This breed is prone to suffering small dog syndrome, a human-induced behavior where dogs thing they are the leaders of the human-pet pack.

The Bichon Bolognese does not do well if left alone for too much time.  They can suffer from separation anxiety and timidity.

Caring for a Bichon Bolognese

A Bichon Bolognese will happily be around the house. However, they still need a walk outside so they do not get bored.


The Bolognese can be easily trained, despite being of small size.  They are very smart dogs that will keep up with learning easily.  They respond well to positive reinforcements, as opposed to harsh treatment and shouting.

Fun facts

  • Paintings from Goya, Wattenau, and Bosse prove that the breed has not changed much over the years.
  • They were valued as very special gifts back in the time of courts and royalty.
  • Phillip 11 from Spain got two from the Duke D’este and said that “These two little dogs are the most royal gifts one can make to an emperor.

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