Dog breeds: Akita temperament and personality

Dog breeds: Akita temperament and personality


The Akita dog is a large dog that used to belong to Japanese royalty. It is a bit intimidating but noble at the same time.


This breed goes all the way to the Northern Japanese mountains, namely the province of Akita.  Today, there are two distinct strains of the dog:  A Japanese variety known as “Akita-ken” or “Japanese Akita” and the American variety, known simply as “Akita” or “American Akita“.

In 1937, the first two Akitas to enter the United States would be presented to no other than Helen Keller, which showed great interest in them when she traveled to Japan.

Physical Characteristics

These dogs usually range above 100 pounds of muscle power.  Males go from 26-28 inches tall while females typically measure 24-26 inches.  The Akita dog has a big head that contrast with his triangular small eyes.


This dog is characterized by its loyalty to his family.  He is courageous, stubborn, and willful.  He is super sweet and will fill you with hugs.  One distinct characteristic is this dog is his mouthing.  He will put everything in his mouth, including your hand or wrist. This is his way of showing his affection for those he loves.

This dog is very smart and usually does not bark, unless necessary.  Due to his strong sense of protection, he will follow you all over the house just to make sure you are fine.

Caring for an Akita dog

They need special care when they are puppies.  Between months 4-7, they grow unusually fast, which can lead to some growth disorders.  A low-calorie diet is recommended.

Being a large dog, it is not too active but this does not mean it should not exercise. Take him out for a 30 min to 1-hour walk every day.  The dog is much happier if you keep him inside the house, looking after the family he has devoted his life to protect.


The Akita is a dominant dog and he will try to dominate you.  This is why training at an early age is very important. The dog owner should do this.  Boarding the dog with a trainer will affect the bond between owner and pet.

Socializing as a puppy is very important to try to ward off his extreme weariness.

 Fun facts 

  • The Akita sheds a lot, so get yourself a hand vacuum for the house.
  • Not the best choice if this is your first time owning a pet.
  • Akita will interpret prolonged eye contact as a threat and will respond aggressively.

This dog is a great choice of a dog if you have a large home and have the time to train him properly.  This loyal pet requires a lot of care, though.  To learn more about how to better care for your dog, follow us in Dogalize.  We have tons of tips on how to better raise your furry friend.