Dog Breeds: American Foxhound temperament and personality

Dog Breeds: American Foxhound temperament and personality

American Foxhound

The sweet, kind, and loyal American foxhound is a dog breed created for hunting.  They are scent hounds, bred to hunt foxes.


Robert Brooke sailed from England to Crown Colony in North America in 1650 and brought his hunting dogs with him.  These became the origin of many American hounds.

The American breeders in the late 1700s tried to make hounds faster and with a better sense of smell.  George Washington was one of such breeders.  He kept his American Foxhounds in Mount Vernon and bred them with British hounds and French Foxhounds to improve them.

Physical Characteristics

With strong thighs and hind legs, these dogs have a high propelling power.  They are cousins of the English Foxhound and are larger and rangier.  The male is 25-29 inches tall while females are 24-28 inches tall.

Temperament and Personality

The American Foxhound is usually bred for hunting, along with other hounds.  This means that they are more bonded to his peers than with humans.  They are not too social with people as they don´t see the need of it since they are independent hunters.

He is easy-going and sweet-tempered. However, he is very independent and stubborn.

Caring for the American Foxhound

This is a very active dog, suited for hunting and living in a large yard.  Do not get one if you live in a small house or apartment.  They require lots of exercise since they were born to run.

They can live outdoors if they get a good shelter and companion.  If you are getting only one, keep him indoors as it is better for him to socialize with humans.


This is a very healthy breed and it is not known for having any inherited disease.  If any, an American Foxhound might suffer from thrombocytopathy.

Fun facts

  • This dog sings, bays, and howls loudly and can be heard for miles.  Unless you have dog-loving neighbors, this dog is not recommended for the city.
  • They love to eat and will not stop unless controlled.
  • Training them is a challenge.  Train them in obedience so they see you as the leader of the pack.

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