Excessive panting in dogs. Should you be concerned?

Excessive panting in dogs. Should you be concerned?

Excessive panting in dogs. Should you be concerned?

Excessive panting in dogs can have several causes. You must understand, though, that it is normal for a dog to pant heavily after exercise. But then, if you live or have been around dogs, there is this one thing that you have noticed: dogs pant and some of them do it a lot.

When is panting normal?

Dog panting is a normal response to heat. As you probably know, dogs do not sweat. Pant speeds up the process of evaporation from your dog´s tongue. This is how he regulates his temperature. So, pant is actually good for your dog.
The frequency of dog panting will be at a normal rate and will increase only when he is overheated. If you note that your dog is panting excessively and has not been engaged in physical activity, you might want to take a deeper look.

Causes of excessive panting in dogs

Let´s first be more specific about the cases in which dog panting is abnormal:
• There is a higher frequency of pants as compared to the normal one.
• It is not hot outside or your dog has not done any physical exercise, yet he is panting.
• Panting does not quite sound normal, it is harsher and heavier.

The following are the most common causes for excessive pant in dogs:
Overheating. If your dog is getting overheated, he will pant faster. This increase in temperature can result in heatstroke.
Your dog is in pain. Check out for any change in the behavior in your pet that can lead you to believe he is in pain. Excessive panting even when he is resting can be an indication for you to take him to the vet.
Anemia. When blood is not transporting oxygen properly a dog experiences oxygen starvation.
Anxiety or stress. Even phobias can cause a dog to pant abnormally.
Breeds. Some breeds of dogs already have difficulty breathing due to their morphology, e.g. bulldogs, boxers, and pugs.

What should you do?

On the first symptom you detect on your dog, take him to the veterinarian. Check out our amazing veterinary directory here at Dogalize. We have everything you need to show your love to your best friend.