A Few Fun facts about dogs in the world

A Few Fun facts about dogs

The facts

We love dogs so much!  They have lived among us as domesticated animals for thousands of years.  Yet, there are many things that we ignore of the four-legged buddy living at our home.  Today we bring you fun facts about dogs that you did not know about.

Fun facts about dogs in the world

Brace yourself and enjoy the following fun facts about dogs.  As you read some of them you will probably not believe that about your pet.

  • Dogs curl up when they sleep due to an ancient instinct to keep themselves warm and protecting vital organs.  So basically, dogs knew about fetal position before us!
  • Remember when you saw your dog smelling something foul and stinky?  It is heaven smell to them.  This is why they will usually go back to it.
  • There is a breed of dog that cannot bark.  It is the basenji.  They can yodel, though. It´s something.
  • Dogs are mentioned 41 times in the Bible.  King James Version mentions it 41 times but New International Version does it 40 times.
  • The gestation period for dogs is around 60 days.  Ok, maybe you already knew that one.  Or not.
  • In America, the number one issue with dogs is obesity.  Go figure!
  • Dogs can see color, but not as vividly as humans.  So much for not distinguishing colors.  Myth debunked.
  • You do know that dogs cannot sweat, which is why they stick their tongues out and pant. But what you probably did not know is that dogs, well, actually they do sweat.   Their sweat glands are not all over their skin like ours but they are located around their foot pads.  This is why when they are hot, they leave that trail of wet prints on the floor.
  • A sociological study reveals that a guy carrying a dog is three times more likely to get a girl’s phone number.  Dudes, what are you waiting for?  Go adopt a dog!  Now!
  • Number of toes per foot: four. Cool, huh?  Not really.  What is really cool is that the Norwegian Lundenhund is the only breed that has, not four, nor five toes.  Try six!  This is a condition known as polydactyly (it is called the same in humans).  What is even cooler is that some specimens may have less or even more than six.  Six toes is like the standard for this species.

Get yourself an awesome dog

We hope you liked our fun facts about dogs.  These pets are awesome altogether.  A home is not complete if you do not have a wiggly fella running around the house.

If you have not adopted a dog yet, get in touch with us at Dogalize.  We have information on where to find your next best friend and we will offer you free guidance through our chat.