Dog Food: Building a healthy diet for dogs

Healthy diet for dogs

Building a healthy diet for your dog

A healthy diet for dogs is important for them to grow healthy and free from disease.  The very first thing you need to acknowledge is that your pooch’s diet must be complete and balanced.  It is not really as simple as just pouring some biscuits on his bowl.

What is a healthy diet for dogs?

A healthy diet for dogs is one that includes all the nutrients the dog needs.  It is important to know that, if you are not feeding your dog the same thing every day, you are able to balance a number of nutrients you provide.

If you feed your dog homemade food, it is fine to vary the way you present these nutrients to your pet.  Just make sure you ask your veterinarian if your dog might need andy special diet.

Raw food

This topic has been pretty much a debate.  There are, however, more and more supporters of providing raw meat to your dog.  One might think, they are animals anyway. However, your dog is not a hunter for food, meaning that the raw meat he will get will come from you.

The major concern about this is that the meat you get from the store does not meet basic health standards.  Salmonella is a concern here, E.Coli as well.  So, if you are going down this road and feeding your dog raw meat, just make sure it is of the best quality and be careful it has no bones in it.  Take special care about chicken bones.

How much should your dog eat?

Most dogs will not go on eating if they are satisfied or full.  Others know no bounds when it comes to gobbling and will not bother to say “enough”.  You consider this when feeding your pet.

You can split dog food into equal portions three times a day.  The truth is that, over the course of time, you will get to know your pet better and know what his portions are.

Understanding dog food labels

If you are planning on relying on commercial food for a healthy diet for dogs, make sure you understand the label to know what is best for your dog.

If the label says “complete and balanced” it should be good for your pet.  The list of ingredients is by weight.  If you see that meat is listed, keep in mind that this weight is actually 75% water.  Other foods, on the other hand, list ingredients without this water content.  Always try to look for protein, since your dog will need them the most.

There is a lot more about dog food nutrition.  Follow us here in Dogalize to learn more about it.