Dog Breeds: Irish Setter temperament and personality

Irish Setter dog

The Irish Setter

These enthusiastic Irish bird dogs became very popular due to their beautiful looks that include a mahogany coat. The Irish Setter dog is sweet, friendly, and energetic.


The Irish Setter was developed in Ireland in the 18th century.  They appear to be the result of combining pointers, spaniels, English Setters, and Gordon Setters.

The very first Irish Setters were known as red spaniels.  By 1845, the Irish Setters were predominantly red.  The very first breed to arrive in America was in 1875.  Elcho, as his name was, became very popular.  But Admiral would be the very first Irish Setter recognized by the AKC in 1878.

Physical Characteristics

The Irish Setter has a long silky coat.  They have a small waist and deep chest. The male stands at 27 inches and the female is 25 inches.  The male weighs around 70 pounds while the female weighs 60.

Temperament and Personality

The Irish Setter dog is affectionate, sweet, outgoing, and very loving of people.  You have to keep him in a watch as he can also be pretty mischievous.

They are very protective of their family.  They make good watchdogs as they will bark at any stranger.

Caring for an Irish Setter dog

He is a hunting dog that loves to be active at all times.  The Irish Setter dog needs ample space to run.  They require at least one hour of daily exercise.  Since they have good stamina, you can take them with your for your jogging or bike riding.

Of course, this one will make an excellent hunting dog.  This Setter should live indoors with his family.


Training is important for this dog to avoid him getting bored.  He is actually intelligent and can be trained easily with a consistent and firm hand.  You need to place yourself as a leader and not use anger or physical force.  These dogs have the tendency of suffering from attention deficit disorder so you must always look for his attention.  Just keep him busy.

Avoid repetitive exercises and reward him with treats, play, or praise.

Fun facts

  • They suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long.  They can get pretty destructive.
  • Keep it up with the obedience training as these fellas can be mischievous.
  • They need to be groomed daily in order to keep their coat silky.
  • Irish Settler dogs mature slowly.  They will bring their puppy-like attitude for two to three years.  Some of them never grow up.