Dog Breeds: Rottweiler temperament and personality

Rottweiler dog

The Rottweiler dog

The Rottweiler dog has served several jobs since it was first developed as a dog breed. They were initially created to drive cattle to market.  They have been used to pull butcher carts.  The military and police have benefited from their services.  The Rottweiler now stands as a great family guard dog.


Rottweilers are direct descendants of the Molossus. These mastiff-type dogs traveled with the Romans to Germany.  These dogs would mate with the dogs they encountered on the road, giving origin to several other breeds.  The Romans then settled in south Germany to take advantage of the good weather.  They used red tile to build villas.

More than six centuries later, people were excavating to build a church and found the red tiles.  This inspired the new name for the town: das Rote Wil (the red tile).  At some point, the Rottweiler was close to disappearing.  But in 1901, the first standards for the Rottweiler dog were written. The breed became more popular after World War II.

Physical Characteristics

The Rottweiler dog has a short and smooth black coat.  He has a powerful poise and a strong build.  The males are usually 24 to 27 inches tall and the female is 22 to 25 inches tall.  The weight of the male is 95 to 130 pounds while the female weighs 85 to 115 pounds.


The Rottweiler is placid, good-natured, obedient, devoted, and always eager to work. They are fearless and steady.  They make good guardian dogs.  Their strong stand is intimidating to any stranger trying to trespass.

They are protective of their families and will not welcome strangers easily unless their owners introduce them.

Caring for a Rottweiler dog

These are not too active dogs.  They usually only need a couple of 20-minute daily walks.  If they stay inside, they will usually go sedentary.  Having them stay at a yard is important.  Just make sure the backyard has a proper fence.  Even though Rottweilers are affectionate with those he loves, he is aggressive to strangers and other dogs.

If you are having visitors over, make sure you warn them about the dog.  Place a sign of your fence warning anyone not to come inside unless it is on your escort.


Due to their willingness to please their owner and hardworking spirit, these dogs can be trained easily.  You should train them in obedience first.  Be consistent with the training of basic obedience commands and you will have your Rottweiler dog trained in little time.

Fun facts

  • This is a fearful dog, so be understanding of your visitors getting cold feet when they are at your fence.
  • Their herd dog instinct makes them want to “herd” toddlers.  This will make the dog bump little kids.
  • Many Rottweilers snore.
  • It is very important that you socialize them since they are puppies.

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